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TRUSTEES Ltd is a financial consultancy firm registered under the Laws of Rwanda delivering services to private and public institutions, non for profit organizations as well as individuals around the world.

Our brief history

The company started operations in March 2010 as a bookkeeping and financial reporting group of freshly graduated accountants in small and medium size clients. From the bottom, we gained trust and professional merit. From there, our road were traced,the SMEs we used to provide financial services grown up and became large, financially stable and wealthy. This triggered clientele expansion and diversification of financial consultancy services delivered. In our assets, we are associated with financial literates in the matters of investment analytics, finance, accounting, audit, legal and business specialists. Our teams of Financial Engineers andCertified Accountants and Business Specialists have the appropriate curricula and vast experience in well diversified business sectors enabling business revolution perspectives. In our scope of activities, we provide the following services:

Investment Management and Analytics

The Newton’s quantitative Principle of Inertia is not applicable in the money creation process. At TRUSTEES Ltd, we believe that a business empire can be created from strictly nothing but good financially structured ideas and concepts. We advocate that appropriate resources are mobilized to finance risk minimized, strategic,...

Financial Reporting and Management

In line with existing Financial Reporting Standards, we prepare and report financial information to management and the public (if the company is publicly traded) about how the company is financially performing over a specific period of time. Focused on your financial objectives, we manage your finances in its way to the maximization and growth of shareholder’s wealth.

Financial consultancy

One thing that differs TRUSTEES Ltd from other consultancy firms is its diversified knowledge of financial matters. We exploit data and provides a way through financial solutions. We strive to improve the world through financial excellence and professionalism. We go where others do not and succeed where others fail.

Audit and assurance

TRUSTEES Ltd have an undefeatable audit curricula built from his the diversified audit skills of professional audit consultants. Moreover, the experience gained from diversified areas gives us a better position in discovering and disclosing facts from audit areas entrusted to us by clients.


We provide services including keeping books of accounts from recording financial information to their compilation in a comprehensive manner. Accounting services also involves close collaboration with management and responding to financial threats regularly.


We ensure that taxes remains a legal proportion of what came in the businesses of our clients. No one of our clients feels the tax burden as much as appropriate strategies are set in place to yield an efficient tax margin.

The problem being addressed

TRUSTEES Ltd addresses the following business threats

1. Expertise

Believe us, a business empire can bankrupt because decision making based on inaccurate financial information. We get the best of consultants on the market engaged in your interest. We strengthen internal controls in your institution and ensures that world class expertise is provided to support their implementation, and that strong controls results in building a system that will facilitate expansion of commercial opportunities. Moreover, our diversified knowledge and experience enables us to direct our clients and let them anticipate potential threats to their financial sustainability. Such threats might include adverse tax returns, wrong cash projections, etc.

2. Strategy

Without a strategized way of work, a business may find itself reacting on current problems on daily basis and forget easily about medium and long term objectives. Our business advisory services includes the alignment of day to day activities into short term targets that will end up attaining long run objectives. We advise the management and help in the monitoring of financial indicators in the interest of our clients.

3. Cost

Outsourcing investment and financial consultancy from a professional firm provides you with competitive prices that are in line with your financial means. On average, an accountant in the East African Region can cost 500 dollars a month. If accumulated with other related cost of structural management, companies can expend up to monthly cost of 1,000 US dollars for a finance team. We cut down the cost. We aim to make business partners, that is, we combine a financial package of business possibilities costing less than the minimum wage pay though our accountancy, financial reporting and taxation services.


We believe that better services
must be delivered to the easy of time,
efficiently and effectively.

According to the service required by clients (Refer to section 1 of this proposal), provide our services in the following approach:

1. Pre-systems assessment

We conduct a pre-study assessment of the client systems in place. This helps us to understand the problems to be addressed from the internal perspective and light up further steps.

2. Engagement

We provide our commitment through contractual means, by elaborating and agreeing on key deliverables to be provided.

3. Inception and work approach

Before starting the implementation of an engagement, we provide to our client a summary of how the work is going to be executed. This is presented in form of an inception report which is agreed upon after receiving insights from the client’s expectations.

4. Execution

We aim to show the difference, we excel in service delivery in the scope of contracted terms. Progress reports helps us to communicate our objectives. The work is executed to the strict precision with confidentiality and professionalism.

5. Finalization

We are never satisfied when clients are not yet satisfied. In this perspectives, we evaluate and monitor the work performance with the appreciation of clients in light of contracted deliverables.

Our Team


Mathieu is the founder and CEO of Trustees Ltd since 2014. Possessing a decade of experience in leadership of audit, financial, economic, investment and business exercises; Mathieu is tailored to deliver at pace and bridge the line of cohesion between institutional visions to strategized financial objectives. Educated to a high level with a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering, an Executive Masters of Business Administration and completed ACCA programs in Audit, Business Strategy and Financial Reporting. Areas of expertise
Financial Modelling, Developing Financing Options, Economies of scale, PFM, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Internal and External Audit (Financial, Compliance and Performance), Investment Management, Quantitative Finance, Corporate Business Development, Investment & Business Planning and Taxation

Parfait LUKUKA

Managing Partner, Consultant in Business Advisory. Parfait Lukuka has a Postgraduate Degree from the University of Texas at Austin from the United State in Business and entrepreneurship, a sound business strategy maker and a full time consultant He also owns Bachelor Degree in Science of Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University in India where he majored in Information Technology Project Management and Programming. His entire background make him a best for business advisory and consultancy, he has worked for several companies in East Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Senior Consultant, Godfrey is a senior consultant in Trustees Ltd and is one of consultancy firm and experienced consultancy in Rwanda. He has an extensive audit experience gained from working in various organizations In Rwanda. Godfrey leads a number of high profile client audit engagements. As engagement leader, is responsible for providing overall direction and guidance to the audit in terms of delivery of the assignment, quality assurance, risk management standards and ensuring appropriate client relationship management. Godfrey has particularly a sound knowledge of financial reporting. Godfrey has been a member of the Trustees Management team, which is a key risk management and quality tool. The Team provides guidance to audit teams on the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and carries out an annual review of financial statement reporting practice by Different organizations to ensure they comply with IFRS and best practices.

Edgard Ikuzwe KAMANA

Financial consultant Edgard is one of Trustees’ financial consultants with experience in preparation of financial statements and different types of audits. I have worked in various sectors of business which make me qualified to work in various environments with ease. He have the ACCA Diplomas in accounting and business (RQF Level 2, 3 and 4) and I’m still building up my professional finance career through the ACCA platform.

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